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Women in Learning Conference gains traction

Over 135 senior L&D professionals confirmed

Women in Learning gains traction blog post - Thrive Learning (1)

It’s been over four weeks since I proudly announced the Women in Learning conference, and I have to say that I have been completely floored by the response we have had so far.

In just four weeks we have had over 135 L&D professionals – men and women – step forward and choose to actively participate in the increasingly vocal fight against gender inequality in our industry. I have also had a huge (and unexpected) outpouring of support and desire to help and be involved in any way possible. My network is growing, we’re mad and passionate and the movement is err…moving?

But we cannot stop here.

Women in Learning need more to truly make a change

I am lucky, I know this. I work in an organisation where Tony, my Managing Director, heard what I had to say about the challenges many, many women are experiencing in both discreet and more obvious ways. He initially didn’t really understand what I was talking about (of course he didn’t, he’s the most progressive business owner I know and has a majority female workforce). He employs people based on their merit, not their gender. So, when I proposed us organising an event of this ilk and mobilising the movement which Kate Graham initially started earlier this year, he listened. And then understood.

And here we are.

But not every woman even has a voice, never mind having the luxury of it being heard. I know this. So that’s why I am using mine as much as I possibly can to drive awareness of this known and documented problem. And you all (yes, I’m talking to you) need to do the same.

Many of us recognise the need for change

I am buoyed by the initial response and outpouring of support for our event – it really signified two things for me:

  1. Many women are experiencing the problems we are aiming to raise awareness about
  2. A huge amount of men and women see this problem and want to help change it

We’re at the very beginning of a huge journey, and it is heartening to see how positively the industry has reacted so far. But I would encourage every single one of you to question how you can also help to contribute, raise awareness and bring more eyes and ears to the challenges we are facing. The #womeninlearning movement is something I am hugely proud to be a part of and I hope this gained momentum stimulates and fosters wider activity in our industry.

In the meantime, we still have some spaces for our Women in Learning event, taking place on Friday July 5th in London. The event is invite only and exclusively open to in-house L&D professionals, so if you are keen on being part of the movement and would like to attend, please comment or like the LinkedIn post and I will be in touch directly!

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