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More than just an LMS: Live LXP demo

Discover the next-gen of learning

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For a long time, the learning management system really was the solution to many of L&D’s problems. It provided an online platform to deliver elearning, tracked completions and allowed the creation of learning pathways. It gave us structure and a real springboard for entry into the digital age.

But since then, the corporate learning landscape has shifted on a gargantuan scale. Employees’ expectations have changed; they’re seeking consumer-grade experiences everywhere they go. And that means at work too.

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However, according to our research, many learners aren’t getting what they want (and need) to perform better. In fact, 88% of learners feel as though the training they receive does not fully meet their expectations.

Here’s what we know:

  • Learners are extremely time poor (64% of employees have less than 10 minutes to commit to learning daily)
  • There’s a huge disparity between the experience they are having outside of work compared to in work
  • Employees want training to be accessible at the point of need
  • People learn best from people
  • Organisations are experiencing terrifying levels of disengagement and apathy from their employees

They want more and traditional LMSs just aren’t cutting it. Say hello to the Learning Experience Platform.

Learning Experience Platform – more than just learning management

Tech isn’t the solution to all our problems, but it certainly can be an enabler to building a learner-centric culture.

Our Learning Experience Platform encompasses all the organisational wants and needs of an LMS and combines them with modern interfaces, personalisation and social learning to create a powerful learning ecosystem. It’s a system which enables better employee engagement, improves communication and helps to evolve your culture (its sleek user experience doesn’t hurt either, right?)

Join us for a live demo on January 29th, where Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer Officer, and platform expert extraordinaire will show you:

  • How an LXP goes way beyond the abilities of an LMS, whilst still meeting your organisational training needs
  • How THRIVE will drive better learner engagement in your business through user generated content, personalisation, social learning and integrated microlearning modules
  • How machine learning and behavioural data drive THRIVE and the positive impact this has on you
  • The simplicity of migration from old systems and ease of use for both admins and learners alike

Our modern LXP takes all the leg work out of modernising learning – providing seamless, high-end interactions and easy user-generated content creation, curation and sharing straight out of the box.

It’s everything you need to build a better learning experience. Join us on January 29th at 3PM GMT to find out more.

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